How to prevent social media burnout! 4 quick tips.

Social media is ON –  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So the 9-5 working hours of a social media manager are blurry at best. Can you maintain a work/life balance while still creating dynamic content, building your brand presence and engaging with your online community? In real time? We say yes! Here are a few tips to keep you from social media burnout.

Go on a social media diet. It’s easy to flip from your multiple business accounts to your personal Instagram feed and back again on a loop. Try going on a social media diet. Stick to work channels only for a few days – this helps give you a break from the constant flow of information. Keeping social media “work only” also allows you some perspective. Social media is an immersive entertainment channel, but it doesn’t need to be your whole life.

Unplug for a few hours. You need to engage with every comment or question that comes in from followers. That’s just good customer service. But chances are, they aren’t totally urgent. Letting your followers wait is not the same as ignoring them! Try to unplug for a certain window of time every evening, say from 7-9pm, or a couple of hours before bedtime. Then, when you’re ready, log back on and hit reply.

Turn off push notifications. Chances are, you feel like you’re always checking your feeds. Do you check social media often enough to not miss anything important or time sensitive? If that’s the case, don’t stress about turning your push notifications off. That ding-ding-ding of new likes and followers can, to a social media manager, look like a strobe light. Turn notifications off, enjoy a clearer screen and a clearer mind. Just don’t forget to check your channels at regular intervals!

Ask for help! Running your business, taking care of traditional marketing, managing all of your social media channels is overwhelming. You’re not alone! For reasonable prices you can hire an external social media whiz to put your mind at ease. At Gulf Broadcast, we live and breathe social media – it’s our bread and butter. Let us do what we’re good at – posting awesome content on time, engaging with your community, managing your online reputation and building your brand. Free up your time, energy and mental real estate. Now you can focus on your to-do lists without having to worry about hashtags.

Curious about how to maximize your social media return while keeping a sense of balance? Contact us today and let’s get started.

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