Video Production for Journalists

Learn how to produce professional videos

Join our two day course and learn how to make your own videos professionally and energise your online efforts.

Learn how to create professional videos for your newspaper or magazine website that engage with your visitors

What You Will Learn

Master the phases of video production and apply them to any video production project. You will learn the critical aspects of production and delivery of your projects in a right combination of theory and hands-on practice.

2 day video production course for just


per person​

Course Contents

  • Concept Development
  • Production Techniques
  • Lighting set-up
  • Audio acquisition
  • How to film an Interview
  • How to produce a Corporate Video
  • Editing & Delivery

Learn skills relevant for any kind of video project

This course is particularly relevant for journalists wanting to create videos for their newspaper, magazine websites and many other video  uses in order to attain better audience engagement and stake-holder buy-ins.

In our course, we limit the camera teams to just three people (camera, audio and interviewer) to ensure that everyone gets practical hands-on experience. Each class is limited to a maximum of nine people.

You will learn all the important and practical aspects of creating videos; in particular you will learn:

  • Pre-production: Preparing for a shoot including conceptualising, writing a script, coordination
  • Production: Camera technical setup detailing how to set the white balance, choosing the right lens for the shoot, setting the right aperture and focus; ambient and studio lighting; audio recording: types of microphones, how to place them and how to monitor the recording; shot types and framing including how to employ camera movements to add dynamism and interest; how to conduct and shoot an interview
  • Post-production: Overview of editing techniques including voice-over recording, titling, integrating music into the edit
  • Delivery: final project output and ingest into online platforms or output to local file

By the end of day two, you will have gained the knowledge and confidence to continue to create videos, both for yourself and your company.

If you want to create your own videos internally rather than hire an outside agency, we can help you. We can run training classes for your staff that are customised to your own requirements and be run within your own company premises. Please fill in your contact details below or call us on +973-17599059 to discuss your requirements.

Did You Know?

Key benefits of  videos on your website include:

  • You demonstrate your leadership by using video for print publications and strengthen your online presence
  • ​You deliver your message faster and in a more engaging way through video
  • Visitors are more likely retain information delivered through video
  • Video is consistent and concise. It delivers information better and faster than many written pages
  • Video is more intimate; hence, people react more positively to its content
  • Video is consistent; its message does not change no matter how many times its played. Perfect for training, seminars and workshops
  • Video is available and is accessible on a multitude of devices


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