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Why is Video Marketing Strategy a Necessity for Success

Dr Abdulrahman Alghareeb

We are living in a world where the visual has been proven as better and even more authentic than the written word. Brochures no longer are enough to sell a product or service. For the most part, those printed material get recycled or just thrown out unread. With a compelling, short and to the point engaging […]

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Beyond Kindness: Proper Corporate Responsibility for Companies Using Video

Corporate Responsibility (CR) is a broad and occasionally misinterpreted term. Corporate responsibility incorporates three main pillars and is much more than Ad hoc acts of kindness, employee involvement in beach clean ups and blood drives that are just micro responsibility initiatives within a much bigger scope of corporate responsibility. These are Social, Economic and Environmental responsibility. […]

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Why Use Video Marketing in Bahrain?

video marketing bahrain

What is video marketing? Video marketing is creating and distributing unique video content that answers the needs of your customers with the goal of getting them to take action. Video production is just one element of the video marketing process. Video marketing is strategy backed and incorporated into your wider marketing efforts taking into account […]

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5 Practical Reasons To Use Video Marketing

reasons video marketing

Video marketing is fast proving to be the most important marketing format for businesses in terms of leads and sales. For companies, video has instinctive advantages in terms of storytelling, brand awareness and engagement, and brands not seeking to leverage video as a way of attracting customers are no doubt missing out on sales to those […]

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