Pennwell’s Asia Power Week 2016 Conference and Exhibition, Seoul

Our production crew recently shot PennWell’s Asia Power Week 2016 Conference and Exhibition in Seoul, South Korea. South Korea was a place that none of our team had ever been before. A place of amazing food, huge urban sprawl and an incredible culture with a bit of a language barrier.

How did our team get along? Here are some highlights from the trip.



Seoul has a unique atmosphere. Panache. Fashion. Beauty. Glamour. Food. Luxury. Industry. These were all in evidence wherever one looks. Seoul rewards all one’s senses.

The city is clean. Pristine and quite easy to navigate. The transport system is easy to get used to making everything within reach. The attractions abound. From the cable-car transporting tourists to the iconic N Tower, to the almost hidden Tapgol park. Koreans obviously also cherish their history. Just witness how the Monument of Wongaksa and the Pagoda are preserved. And they’ve been around since the 15th century.

Personally, the Seoul trip was a particular milestone for me. It marked the ten years of our partnership with PennWell. In those ten years we have travelled to many countries across three continents. We produced dozens of news, promotional and motion graphics films for them. I’m glad that Gulf Broadcast has set the high quality standards that others ascribe to. I am particularly proud that video is now engrained as a critical cultural element that now permeates PennWell. I am also proud of inspiring them to increase their video making capabilities. They have now become almost independent and can take on the video marketing tasks on their own.

It’s a bittersweet occasion of course. But I’m happy and content to have provided that inspiration. As ever, I am grateful for PennWell’s trust and friendship over the years. I wish them the best of luck in their future events and productions.

I am also indebted to our stellar team. Nadine, Erick and Arif were all professional, hard working and creative. Their efforts allowed us to once again exceed our client’s expectations.

Filming abroad is always stressful. We never know what we’re going to face logistically or legally. However, the fun more than outweighs the stress. We welcome the opportunity of repeating the experience again soon.



“As a producer, I am always conscious about time and budgets. Our production in Korea was delivered within time and budget due to the tremendous preparation we’ve put into the pre-production, and the leverage we enjoy from the experience we gained over the last ten years producing these shows for PennWell. Needless to say, I am extremely happy for the fact that Gulf Broadcast once again exceeding our client’s expectations.

As far as Seoul is concerned though I was actually in awe of all the greenery I witnessed around me even in and around the city. As a ‘desert girl’ I don’t often get to witness Mother Nature in all her greatness so when I get the opportunity to go to a country that has hills, forests, mountains, parks and botanical gardens, I do pause and take all that in and enjoy the experience.

The highlight of the trip for me was an accidental hike I accompanied Mahmood on on our last day there. He took me up Mount Namsan and although wasn’t really prepared to do any uphill exploring, two hours later and out of breath and in the wrong shoes, I made it up Mt. Namsan and to Seoul’s N Tower where we enjoyed traditional dancing and cultural displays. You would be right to assume I insisted that we take the cable car back down though!

Seoul was a really great experience that I can’t wait to repeat.”



“I always look forward to PennWell’s events. Over the years, we’ve fine tuned our process to fly into the country and use our preparation in pre-production to shoot the scenes we’ve determined, attend the event and follow our own created guidelines and shoot, edit and deliver on-time. This year’s event wasn’t much different other than it being in Seoul, South Korea of course. A country where none of us had the opportunity to visit before.

What was nicely different on this trip; however, is that our boss gave us the last day off to explore the city and relax a little after a grueling schedule. This was a very well received present indeed! I grabbed the opportunity to go to Gangnam City. This place was made famous two or three years ago by the song Gangnam Style by PSY. And I did the dance. Fortunately there were no cameras to record the experience!

What I liked most about South Korea was that the country is very clean. They have wide streets and a lot of open spaces. The people are nice and friendly. The food is also great. Given a chance I would like to go back to Seoul again with my family for a short vacation.”

Our crew relishes the opportunity to travel and shoot worldwide. We have the experience, expertise and know-how. We learned to travel very light, get the job done to the highest specifications possible and be very efficient with our production and budgets.

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