Bahrain Virtual Tour Case Study: St Christopher’s School

This post will reflect on the story of an online immersive virtual tour we recently created for St Christopher’s School in Bahrain. The full tour can be viewed on St Christopher’s website. Please click the previous link to visit.

Virtual Tour Case Study
The Sports Field

Getting the idea right

When St Christopher’s were looking for ways in which they can reach remote, prospective parents looking to evaluate the school and its facilities, they turned to Gulf Broadcast to help them resolve this need.For a school of St Christopher’s size capturing the essence of the learning environment and presenting it to an international audience was a challenge.

We had previously produced several films for them which showed the school’s facilities, curricula as well as staff and student life and they felt confident that we could once again come up with a creative solution to their problem. We suggested a more immersive visual experience through the creation of a virtual tour with embedded video which would be an innovative and an excellent way of meeting this need.

A word from St Christopher’s

“St Christopher’s has a long established relationship with Gulf Broadcast, so when they suggested we collaborate on an innovative virtual tour, we were confident to get on board. Producing the tour was a journey of discovery for both parties, but the finished product certainly met our expectations and provides a wonderful remote peek at what St Christopher’s has to offer for those who are not able to come in person for a tour.”

Sam Bicknell, Marketing & Operations Support Manager St Christopher’s School.

Virtual Tour Case StudyThe Science Lab

Where are your customers?

St Christopher’s is unusual in that many of the parents of prospective students don’t live in Bahrain and mostly can’t visit the school before enrolling. A virtual tour was  a good fit as it allowed parents moving to Bahrain to get an immersive experience of the school as a whole and to communicate what to expect when they arrive. Virtual tours are great for building anticipation in companies that have something special about their physical location and with St Christopher’s the tour enabled them to show their extensive facilities.

Internal as well as external communications

Just as many of the parents of prospective students don’t get the opportunity to visit the school before enrolment, many of the new teachers don’t get to visit the school either. In the case of St Christopher’s the tour serves a human resources function allowing them to attract high quality staff through showcasing the school.

Personal connection

As well as a building, a school is also a community. To represent this side of St Christopher’s we used an advanced virtual reality tour system that enabled embedded video within the virtual tours. This allowed both teachers and students to appear within the immersive environments as guides. We used the same technique to include an introduction from the Principle Mr Ed Goodwin, OBE to welcome visitors to the tour. Ultimately the most important part of any school is its students and the video inserts gave St Christopher’s the power to showcase their pupils and represent the cosmopolitanism of the school.

Virtual Tour Case StudyIntroduction from Principle

Planning is Essential

Embedded video in a virtual tour needs to be meticulously planned. Essentially getting it right comes down to being extremely precise and understanding the finished product. A key element for St Christopher’s was protecting and maintaining their brand, which meant the students had to be properly dressed and the school presented itself though the tour to the highest possible standard.

Next steps

A virtual tour is a starting point for people interacting with the school and eventually will function as a way of directing people to get more specific relevant information about the school. Though embedded links St Christopher’s can build an information resource around the tour making access to detailed information more engaging and more interactive to discover.

Virtual tours are ideal wherever an immersive experience is necessary. Typically, real estate, hospitality, interior decor and fit-out, universities, showrooms and indeed museums would benefit from providing such an experience. Please do contact us or call Mahmood Al-Yousif on +973-33668811 to find out more. We’d love to hear from you.

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