Monthly Archives: March 2010

The office garden is flourishing

This is what our office garden looks like just now:

The Office Garden 100331

Beautiful isn’t it?

I had some time this afternoon to do some dead-heading and watering. I’m thrilled to let you know that the Frangipani I planted in the top right corner is finally begining to grow. It’s got some new leaves on all its extremities. So wonderful!

The annuals, though, are almost past their prime. I’ll be sad to remove them in a couple of weeks’ time. But hey, we enjoyed them for so long and some have even produced seeds which I can use for next season.

Pretty happy at the moment. Hope you are too.

Taking the toys out

office garden

We decided that taking the toys out was a good idea! We gave our new Sony PMW-EX3 camera a whirl in our office garden. Here are the results. Pretty impressive don’t you think?

The garden continues to flourish, with spiders!

We’re all so proud of our little office garden. In just a few months since we started it, the annuals have flourished and the perennials are doing well too.

The latest to come to flower is the wonderful Spider Plant. I brought back its seeds with me from Canada and sowed them in my home make-shift nursery, I brought back one of the seedlings here and now, after a mere 2 months or so, it’s rewarding us with its beautiful flowers:

Spider plant

We’re pretty chuffed!

For more pictures of the office garden, please click here.

The gamechanger is acomin’

Motion graphic artists, video producers and directors, photographers, 3D artists, compositors and a flurry of other people in that industry, and quite a few more whose definitions hasn’t even been thought of yet will be rather busy when the iPad comes out a mere couple of weeks from now.

How? Here’s how:

With the iPad release a mere few weeks away, it’s only appropriate that we release our own bit of goodness.

Together with co-directors Cory Strassburger and Ming Hsiung, we produced a motion magazine cover and feature spread for Viv Mag – an all digital magazine, which would allow us to create content that will be able to live on the iPad and other tablet devices where digital magazines can live.

Check out this featurette, which goes behind the scenes and shows how we put it all together.

Special thanks to Campion for taking a risk with me. Without the bravery of a good client, we wouldn’t be able to bring you work of this caliber.

To view the content in it’s entirety, please check out

It’s what a magazine will look like very soon. More media rich, more exciting and yes, even more informative. Books too. Can you recognise the need for even faster bandwidth from then on once people just see a couple of issues released on the iPad? Of course they would want the same experience through websites which will be viewed on devices other than the iPad, even on a TV screen.

I’m pretty excited about this development and look forward to receiving my own iPad soon after their release.

VIVA Bahrain Launch Documentary

VIVA Bahrain Launch Documentary Video

When VIVA wanted to share their aspirations and presence in Bahrain for their launch event, they tasked Gulf Broadcast to tell their story.

The result is a concise presentation of the preparation of the company’s infrastructure, their employment policy, their staff induction and training, the company’s future vision for Bahrain and the huge excitement the company generated at its launch, breaking all previous records and ending up registering some 75,000 subscribers for their mobile services and over 7,000 Internet subscribers in just a few days after their highly successful launch.

Gulf Broadcast is thrilled to have been involved in this project and gratified that this film was shown in the company’s official launch celebration. The VIVA Bahrain Launch Documentary video clearly shows the company’s aspirations and plans for the vibrant Bahraini telecoms sector.