Flying High!

We’ve just completed a project which required an extensive aerial shoot which we properly stabilised and are very happy with the results, the client is thrilled too!

We shot the sequence with two cameras. Unfortunately we can’t say much more about this project yet as it has not gone live yet, but once it does, I shall certainly share it with you and look forward to your comments and feedback as usual.

For now, I wanted to post this picture of three happy musketeers!

The Gulf Broadcast Crew about to fly high!

The Gulf Broadcast Crew about to fly high!

Unfortunately Mario got sick after the flight with a cold. He forgot to wear thick clothes! At the heights they achieved (over 10,000 feel I’m told for extended periods of time) even when it’s hot on the ground, it gets pretty cold up there! So my friends if you get a chance to ride on a helicopter (or any unpressurised flight for that matter), do keep this into consideration: the temperature decreases by about 3 degrees Celsius for every 1,000 feet elevation.

We would like to thank the Police Aviation branch of the Ministry of Interior for their cooperation with us once again, and for their continued professionalism and help in achieving these shots. They’ve been great. We couldn’t have finished this project without them. Thanks guys!

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