Monthly Archives: June 2008

Riffa Views Construction Progress Report

In this episode, we talk to key personnel at Riffa Views in order to find out the status of the development. We also discuss the impact of the various construction material shortages – currently experienced in Bahrain – on Riffa Views.

We talk to Richard Browning (CEO), Hugh O’Shea (Sales & Marketing Director) and Bruce McWiliams (Riffa Views Int’l School Director). The interviews were conducted by Marie Claire Feeney, a well known media personality in Bahrain.

Riffa Views “Rave Reviews” Media Awards Evening

Riffa Views really get it when it comes to the media and their importance. They realise that the media can make or break a project, especially a big project worth hundreds of millions of Dinars like theirs. That’s why Riffa Views management team made a conscious decision to include the media in all of their activities without discriminating against one media outlet and the other. This “Rave Reviews” event is witness to that ideology. All the media in Bahrain including trade publications were invited to a special evening at the Gulf Hotel where they had a good dinner and received awards where were presented by Richard Browning, Riffa Views CEO and Hugh O’Shea, the Sales and Marketing Director at Riffa Views.

Our engagement in the event was to document it. But beyond the usual “point and shoot” way of doing things, we chose to really involve ourselves in the production and have asked several personalities to come and talk to us on camera about their experience with Riffa Views and how they looked at the Media Awards evening and the evidently strong relationship between them and Riffa Views.

I hope you enjoy this short documentary. It could also be viewed on Riffa Views’ site as a Quicktime streaming version and also subscribe to the AppleTV (high def) and iPod podcasts there. Just click on the Riffa Views TV button and you’ll get there.