Got Talent?

If you do, then we need you!

At Gulf Broadcast we always need new and daring talented people. We’re looking to immediately build a database of freelancers whom we can use in our production, if you would like to be listed and contacted (and well compensated too) please drop me a line; we’re looking for:

    1. voice-over talent, both male and female in different age-groups and languages and accents. If you think you have a nice voice, send us a recording. The format should be MP3 and if your voice has been used in actual video/radio production, then send us a selection from that program for us to listen to and keep in our database;
    2. on-camera talent, both male and female hosts/presenters/interviewers of different age-groups. The person should be presentable and well turned out. Send us the standard photographs to keep on file as well as a full bio and a clip if you have it;
    3. models, both male and female ready to do business, fashion and other shoots; send us the standard photographs to keep on file as well as a full bio and samples of the work you were featured in;
    4. producers who can research and write scripts, track record is required obviously, but if you think you can do it and work under pressure, show us your stuff;
    5. sound technicians, both on-location recordists and post. If you’re applying for post then you’d better know how to drive a Protools rig, else if you want to do the on-location stuff, you’d better be prepared to be dropped from a very high building if the sound is screwed up when it comes to post!
    6. script writers are always welcome too. Show us what you’ve done before and how creative you can be.

In all of the above, please remember that at Gulf Broadcast we’re interested in the corporate video field at the moment only, we don’t really want to do TVCs, feature films and other stuff, so keep that in mind.

So come on, give me a call and let’s rock this town!


We believe that businesses have good stories to tell. We know that they would rather dedicate their time to concentrate on their core competencies. We become their psyche. We become their most ardent fan and help them tell their stories in an engaging manner while remaining true to their ideology. How we do that is engage creative minds to help those corporates tell their stories. We become their conduit, their storytelling tools and we do this well.

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