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​Hello, We Are Gulf Broadcast

​We produce high quality video for corporate and broadcast clients and create high performance digital marketing campaigns for small and medium sized companies

Film & Video Production Services
by Gulf Broadcast

Gulf Broadcast enables companies to grow faster and gain customers by combining storytelling, marketing strategy and specialist tactics into one powerful online marketing system.

We specialise in video production that benefits your business. We produce video that targets your audience, builds trust and brand loyalty and is optimised for discovery on the web. Video has been proven as the best method for relationship building and we help companies tell their stories as they should be told. 

Corporate • Promotional • Motion Graphics • Television • Commercials • Events

Corporate video production provides your company with a consistent message about it's beliefs and reason for being. Attract your customers with compelling storytelling that targets your audience.

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On-going video production requirements
and need to assure professional standards?

Video Production Retainer

Our video production retainers are excellent for companies that need on-going professional video production services but may not have the resources to meet the workload.

We take the time to understand your company so are already familiar with your brand and products when we come to shoot. This saves you from trying to re-invent the wheel whenever you start a new video project.


We give you priority in our production queue


Clearly defined and collaborative production 


Unused time is automatically rolled over within contract period

Want to Engage your Customers in Social Media?

Successful presence in Social Media requires a good and sustainable strategy. How did Gulf Broadcast provide a successful platform to its customers?

Dr Abdulrahman Alghareeb

Video is so important to capture mindshare on social media. Why is that?

  • Time. No one has enough of it and in the age of grass-hopper minds, video is the only consumer-friendly device marketers can use.
  • We know. We've done it before and we've been successful in increasing our customers' target markets' awareness and sales through video.
  • Video is a force to be reckoned with and if you don’t use it, you will lose business.

Want to take control of your communications
messaging and produce your own videos?

Corporate Video Training Course
by Gulf Broadcast

Master the phases of video production and apply them to any video production project. You will learn the critical aspects of production and delivery of your projects in a right combination of theory and hands-on practice in a course that is led by the experts at Gulf Broadcast.

By the end of this short course, you will learn how to create videos for your website, conduct and film interviews and create training and how-to videos on your own. Register now to book your place.


Learn how to conceptualise your projects and create scripts and storyboards


Practice lighting, sound and filming techniques using a variety of equipment


Know how to edit and deliver your story using standard editing software packages

Julie SprakelFounder, Think Pink Foundation

Without the help of Gulf Broadcast and their team I’d never [have] been able to reach as many people in Bahrain. It’s a young dynamic team; they’re very accommodating; nothing is a problem; [they’re] open to ideas and really have let us be on a platform to extend ourselves to a different arena. [click to watch]

Glenn Ensor UI/UX Designer

We never really have to ask twice; we give a brief and its understood and professionally delivered. So it’s a relationship we see in a very positive light and we look forward to many years of working together. [click to watch]